Extra Strength Highly Purified Silver & Structured Water Solution 30 PPM - 16oz Bottle

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 Extra Strength Highly Purified Silver & Structured Water Solution 30ppm - 16 oz bottle. 

Safe for everyday use. Help boost your immune system and protect you from harmful pathogens and microbes*

Our Silver Water was formulated by Dr. Gordon Pedersen to preserve the good bacteria but eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast.

2 teaspoons twice a day every day will assist in maintaining your immune system healthy and avoid unnecessary illnesses caused by the microbes that are constantly attacking your body.*

Our superior Silver is pH balanced, 7.4% for optimal health. A patented technology processes silver molecules into nano particles that are easily dispersed and kept suspended in highly purified water – this is the key to their gentle effectiveness. Alkaline Structured Silver Water does not metabolize or build up in the body. Nano-sized particles of silver are so tiny that they pass through your body's cells instead of becoming lodged in any major organs. Perfectly safe while producing intended and desired result.*

SUGGESTED USE: Recommended daily intake is 2 tsp twice daily. 

BNatrl Silver Water Solution is great for *:

Wound healing*    Burn treatment*     Bites*     Rashes*     

Flu*     Colds*     Ear & Eye infections incl. pink eye*     

Water purification*     Female hygiene incl.Yeast and Candida*   

Infections*   Psoriasis*     Eczema*    Diarrhea*                                                 

Keep in room temperature out of direct sunlight. Store away from children. 

    *The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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