Extra Strength Silver Gel 35 PPM - 100ML

  • $ 2399

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We care about your long term health and safety, and are dedicated to only manufacture or distribute products with quality ingredients that help your body help itself.

This is our EXTRA STRENGTH Silver Gel at 35 parts per million (ppm) of silver.

It is the strongest Silver Gel offered, providing an optimal gel for added immune support.* Unlike other popular silver gels, our silver gel does NOT contain the known carcinogen TEA.

BNatrl Silver Gel is today being consumed and distributed in the US, as well as Canada, Europe, Mexico and China. Our products are well recognized and recommended by Holistic Health Advocates, Veterinarians ( yes, works on pets also), and Doctors. Health Food Stores and Health Clinics are recurring customers.

The BNatrl Silver Gel should be applied generously 3-4 times per day to skin, as needed, to help promote natural healing.


  •  Helps Provide Immune Protection
  •  Maximum Strength/Professional Grade Gel
  •  Great for All First Aid Uses
  •  Easy-Pump Container for Clean Dispensing
  •  Topical Cleanser
  • 3.38oz (100ml) - Size accepted for air travel


  •  Sun and Other Burns
  •  Wound Skin Conditions
  •  Cuts and Scrapes
  •  Toothpaste
  •  Mouth Sore     
  •  Scalp Treatment
  •  Moisturizing Face Cleanser
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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