A New Fighting Chance - Silver Solution Book - 4th Edition (Latest)

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Dr. Gordon Pedersen's book, the New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution - A quantum leap in silver technology, is sold by BNatrl. 

The important explanation of how Molecular Structuring Safely Destroys Bacteria, Viruses and Yeast is explained in a language we all can understand and relate to. Questions such as: Which silver solution is the best? How much to use? When to use it?" are brought up.

All of these questions are answered by world renowned expert and silver researcher Dr. Gordon Pedersen. Dr. Pedersen goes into great detail in this book explaining how the most effective silver solutions work, and the latest in silver technology. In addition you'll find an A-Z listings of protocols for using silver with various conditions. Also included in this new edition are sections specifically on women's health issues, and using silver with animals and pets.

4 out of every 10 women ask about, or inform their physicians, that they take alternative medications. Physicians must take note and be informed. Information must come from persons who are trained, knowledgeable, credential and of exceptional integrity.

Dr. Pedersen epitomizes all of that and is personally responsible for my enlightenment in the field of complimentary medicine. Read and experience a ray of sunshine for your patients and yourself in these trying times of medicine.

Dr. Barry S May, MD. Gynecology, FACOG

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