Supplements for Runners Who Want to Go the Distance

BoPeter Gustafsson |

Running is an endurance sport that really takes a lot out of you. On top of having to have a well-rounded diet, a good supplement filling in your dietary gaps and giving your muscle tissues an extra boost is important. Supplements for runners can have multiple functions, but at the end of the day, it’s good to evaluate yourself honestly to determine what you need. How often do you run? If you are someone who is dedicated to running and does it several times a week, you need a supplement that will help support your joints, repair muscle tissue and replace the vitamins and minerals your body uses up during the activity. What is your goal? Are you running for general fitness, or are you trying to lose weight? Are you training for a test, or a marathon? All of these scenarios can impact the type and amount of supplements that you take. Supplements for Runners Is one supplement enough? In general, each supplement has a targeted purpose, with some offering multiple benefits, albeit at reduced levels across the board. You may find that you need 2-3 supplements to ensure you are getting everything you need to get through your day and your run, or you may need a combination of supplements, proteins and pre-workout boosters – it really depends on your goals. The good news? There is an all-encompassing supplement out there, specifically designed for runners that negates the use of additional vitamin supplements. This is a good thing because not only is it easier to only have to take one pill, but it’s easier on your digestion as well. If you’ve ever taken multivitamins or a combination of vitamins (iron, calcium and vitamin D, for example) you may have noticed that you feel a little nauseated shortly after, or that you are routinely dealing with issues of constipation, etc. It can be a lot of work for your stomach to digest all these compacted supplements, usually made out of synthetic ingredients, which may work for you, but can wreak havoc. Taking a single pill made from raw whole food is the easiest way to combat this problem, alongside maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Watch out for… Synthetic supplements. Not only are these absorbed by your body less-effectively, but they can have unforeseen side effects such as dehydration, erectile dysfunction and a host of digestive complications. Research your supplements well, and stick with products that are organic and naturally derived. Everything you need as a runner is in your food, the only problem is that you can’t possibly eat all the food necessary to get it. This is where natural supplements take over. There is no need to synthetically create compounds that power our bodies when it can be found in the foods our bodies are used to eating. Take an honest look at your running habits, your physical limitations (injuries and problem areas) and what you want to achieve by running. By doing this you will be able to evaluate all the supplements out there much more responsibly and make a decision that is right for you. To review the contents of our supplement for runners, visit us online at BNatrl today!

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